Blood Processing Equipment

Atreus Whole Blood Processing SystemAtreus-Whole-Blood-Processing-System

Manufacturer: Terumo BCT

The Atreus Whole Blood Processing System puts a new spin on whole blood processing as the first laboratory technology available that automates the steps of whole blood processing in a single system. With the push of a button, customers can easily produce two or three components from a whole blood unit.

Compared to traditional blood processing, the Atreus System delivers:

  • Consistent, high quality components due to better process control
  • Less variability and fewer errors
  • Higher throughput
  • Improved staff utilization with reduced manual steps and hands-on time
  • Minimal operation procedures and less equipment to manage

Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technology

Manufacturer: Terumo BCT

Built for efficiency and ease of use, the novel Mirasol Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT) system helps


improve the safety of the blood supply by reducing the infectious levels of disease-causing agents in platelets and plasma while still maintaining quality blood components.

The Mirasol PRT System uses a combination of riboflavin (vitamin B2), a non-toxic, naturally occurring compound, and a specific spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) light to inactivate viruses, bacteria, parasites and residual white blood cells that may be present in collected blood products.

The Mirasol PRT system delivers:

  • An extra measure of safety in the face of emerging infectious diseases
  • Reduced risk from screened and unscreened pathogens and white blood cells
  • An effective alternative to bacterial screening of platelets, with no delay in product release
  • Flexibility and ease of use for optimal operational efficiency
  • Accurate reporting and traceability through fully integrated data capture

Trima Accel Automated Blood Collection SystemTrima-Accel

Manufacturer: Terumo BCT

A single platform that streamlines the collection of any component in any combination, the Trima Accel system V6.0 is the only apheresis system on the market today with the versatility blood centres need for full-spectrum component combinations.

The system uses a centrifuge to separate whole blood into its components — platelets, plasma and red blood cells (RBCs). The Trima Accel system then collects the components based on customer-configured priorities and the donor’s physiology and blood count.


  • Simple, easy to use and quick to setup
  • Touch screen graphical interface for easy operation
  • 25-40% shorter procedure times than comparable apheresis devices
  • Single-needle procedures for a more comfortable donation experience
  • Safe: The system determines which components the donor can safely donate

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