Eazee Nail Intra-medullary Nailing System

Eazee Nail IM Nailing System

Intra-Medullary Nailing System

Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew

The EAZEE Nailing system consists of femoral, tibial and supracondylar nails. Featuring a closed, unslotted, cylindrical sEazee 1ection, the nails are strengthened proximally. The unslotted design offers superior torsional resistance when compared with slotted locked and unlocked nails. The nails feature a gentle taper at the distal tip to facilitate easy insertion.

EAZEE femur and tibia nails can be used in a very wide range of indications when compared with most nailing systems. This is on account of the wide variety of locking options built into the EAZEE nailing system. EAZEE femur nails feature upward, transverse and downward locking options as well as a miss-the-nail locking option for ipsilateral fracture configurations. The innovative Versalock locking arrangement allows the same nails to be used for left and right femur nailing.

Features and Benefits

  • 45° proximal locking screw positioning, in the EAZEE tibia nails provides excellent screw holding characteristics while reducing the
    risks associated with the insertion of A-P screws. The high proximal bend adapts well to proximal tibial fractures.
  • All EAZEE nails feature a reinforced distal locking screw hole at the absolute distal tip of the nail which allows operating surgeons
    to tackle distal fracture configurations with a high degree of confidence when compared with most nailing systems.
  • Almost complete elimination of radiation exposure while performing distal locking.
  • Highly significant reduction in Operating time.

Eazee 4 Eazee 2Eazee 3

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