Mammography Systems



Manufacturer: BMI Biomedical

Milady mammographic unit combines state of the art technology and the application of industrial production standards.


  • Equipped with an automatic exposure control (AEC) and calibration software allowing constant iconographic results to be obtained, independently of the examined breast intrinsic density.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use, facilitating the operator’s job.
  • Excellent diagnostic image quality, similar to the top-of the line models, at a very competitive price.
  • “C”-arm with vertical and rotating movement
  • Goniometer for “C”-arm angle of rotation detection
  • Interactive digital control panel with graphic display showing exposure parameters
  • Last 1300 exposures memory
  • A.E.C. Self Test Procedure included in control panel functions
  • Alarm messages in several languages
  • Two emergency STOP push-buttons

Milady DG


Manufacturer: BMI Biomedical

Digital Mammographic Unit with advanced technology Amorphous Selenium Flat Panel Detector


  • Available with two different C-Arms: Standard C-Arm & Isocentric C-Arm
  • X-Ray tube and Direct Conversion Amorphous Selenium Detector 18 x 24 or 24 x 30 cm format
  • Integrated X-Ray Control and image acquisition console
  • Excellent diagnostic image quality
  • High Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • Stand with vertical and rotational movement of the C-Arm
  • Microprocessor controlled control panel
  • Direct conversion Full Field Flat Panel Detector
  • Keyboard over the defector for automatic image tagging
  • AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) device
  • ULTRA software for advanced exposure control
  • Press compression device
  • Device for geometric magnification
  • Auxiliary display on bottom unit
  • Two emergency STOP push-buttons

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