Neonatal Incubators

PC-305 Intensive Care IncubatorPC-305

Manufacturer: Natus Medical Incorporated

The PC-305 Infant Incubator offers newborns the warmth and protection they need during their hospital stay. It provides a comfortable, controlled environment that can be easily adapted to a baby’s needs.


  • Tilt mechanism (+/- 10o) enables access and positioning during clinical procedures and therapies
  • Large clear acrylic hood facilitates high visibility of the infant.
  • 6 large hand ports to allow easy access to the baby at any time.
  • Simple, intuitive display allows clinicians to focus on their patients, not the equipment.
  • Optional double wall and optional passive humidity provide baby with the stable thermal environment needed to thrive and grow.
  • The PC-305 Infant Incubator’s streamlined design is easy to disassemble without tools for maintenance and cleaning. This ensures efficiency and low cost of ownership.
  • Seven audiovisual alarms.
  • X-ray tray.
  • Double wall construction for better temperature stabilization.
  • Air and oxygen microfilter.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Natal Care Lx Intensive Care IncubatorNATALCARE-LX  

Manufacturer: Natus Medical Incorporated

The NatalCare LX incubator can be used as a standard incubator or built-to-order with various options to meet the developmental needs of high acuity babies.


  •  Double-wall acrylic canopy and doors minimize the radiant heat loss of the infant.
  • Command module with LCD screen.
  • Ability to reposition panel enables caregiver to see controls from various angles and positions.
  •  Optional servo humidity and servo oxygen create a self-regulating environment for sick babies. Automatic settings and controls provide required stable micro-environment that adapt to the baby’s needs.
  • 5 oval ports and 4 access doors foldable 180º enhances visibility and provide access for procedures and therapies.
  • Dual temperature probes allow monitoring of twins or one baby’s core and peripheral temperature for early detection of potential thermal stress.
  • Pull-out mattress tray with X-ray film tray gives access for procedures, care and family bonding.
  • Wide dimension mattress facilitates procedures.
  • 8 IV ports provide ease of positioning and space arrangement.
  •  A built-in scale allows caregivers to accurately weigh the baby without removal from the incubator.
  • Electronic tilting mechanism with automatic centering helps minimize errors during weighing, reducing need to reposition baby.



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