Operating Theatre Lights

Astramax HD-LED

Manufacturer: Brandon Medical

Astramax HD-LED is a brand new operating theatre light launched by Brandon Medical.The aim of the development of Astramax was to bridge the gap between the biggest operating theatre lights and smaller minor operating lights. Astramax carries all of the advantages of HD-LED technology including:



  • HD-LED Technology
  • High performance compact surgical light
  • LED life of 40,000 hours
  • 140,000 Lux
  • Large movement range
  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lamp head sealed to IP54
  • Shadow control
  • 5-100% light intensity control
  • Full Spectrum Colour Rendition
  • Fat Beam Illumination
  • Red Balance Control


Galaxy Ultra HD-LED

Manufacturer: Brandon MedicalGalaxy-Ultra

“Best in Class” performance in every key criteria. Galaxy Ultra HD-LED is an operating theatre light that emits the perfect cold light avoiding heat in the surgical area.


  • HD-LED Technology
  • High intensity illumination up to 160,000 Lux
  • Shadowless Performance with multiple overlapping beams and high peripheral illumination
  • Deep column of “always in focus” light to illuminate the deepest cavities
  • Red balance control to optimise visualisation of red tissue
  • Polygene anti-microbial technology
  • UCV Compatible: Galaxy Ultra is the only operating light designed and proven to work in ultra clean ventilation (UCV) theatres without disrupting the laminar air flow.
  • Integrated Audio & Visual
  • Intensity control with Endoscopy setting


Quasar Ultra HD LED Surgical Lights

Manufacturer: Brandon Medical

Quasar HD-LED is the very latest operating theatre light to be launched by Brandon Medical. Through incorporating the innovative HD-LED technology, Brandon have produced the biggest, fattest and most powerful beam of any surgical light. The high light intensity is spread evenly across the illuminated field to create a stunningly uniform working area.



  • HD-LED Technology
  • High intensity illumination up to 160,000 Lux
  • Shadowless Performance with multiple overlapping beams and high peripheral illumination
  • LED life 40,000 hours
  • Perfect cold light
  • Deep column of ‘always in focus’ light
  • Red balance control to optimise visualisation of red tissue
  • Fat Beam Illumination: More light flux provides the biggest beams of light in the business, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area.
  • Full Spectrum Colour Rendition: The first LED lighting with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. This reduces eye strain and enables small differences in tissue to be distinguished easily
  • C02 reductions of 1.25 tonnes per year per operating theatre

Astralite HD LED Minor Surgical Lamps HD

Manufacturer: Brandon MedicalAstralite-HD-1

Astralite HD-LED® retains all the unique features of the Astralite Halogen such as the large movement range and anti-microbial technology moulded in the lamp head, but also uses the latest LED technology.


  • Solid State Focusing: World’s first patented technology using LEDs with different beam shapes, superimposed on top of each other; to produce an extremely effective and reliable focus system with a big range of adjustment.
  • Shadow Control
  • Astralite LED is highly economical. HD-LED is substantially more efficient at producing more surgical quality light for less power.
  • Incorporating Polygiene anti-microbial technology to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and yeasts including MRSA.
  • Perfect for gynaecology, podiatry, chiropody, A&E
  • 50,000 Lux
  • Variable intensity cold light


Coolview HD-LED

Manufacturer: Brandon Medical

The range of Brandon Medical examination lights – now includes the first HD-LED examination light. Coolview HD-LED uses seven powerful LEDs to provide the very best, high quality lighting for examinations.

HD-LED technology is a breakthrough technology that changes the fundamental parameters of lighting:



  • LED life 40,000 hours
  • 50,000 Lux
  • 5 intensity settings
  • 3 colour control settings
  • Long reach arm extends to 1200mm
  • Available in mobile, desk, wall and ceiling mounts
  • Users can choose between LX spring balanced arm (L1C for ceilings) and SX multiflex arms for additional flexibility
  • Ceiling models have a full 360 degree rotation
  • No infrared radiation avoiding heat exposure
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Full Spectrum Colour Rendition
  • Fat Beam Illumination
  • Red Colour Rendition

Coolview Venus LED Gynaecology Light

Manufacturer: Brandon Medical

Coolview Venus is a high quality LED gynaecology light, providing intense bright light across a concentrated examination area. Venus’ excellent colour rendition easily distinguishes the differences in tissue tones.



  • Compact Design: The compact design allows the light to be positioned close to the patient area without causing obstruction to the practitioner.
  • The light field can be adjusted between 6cm-35cm.
  • Venus has 3 different colour temperature settings.
  • The light intensity can be altered through 5 easily selectable settings between 10%-100%.

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