RESTOR Modular Resection Prosthesis

RESTOR Modular Resection Prosthesis

Comprehensive Limb Salvage System

Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew

RESTOR™ (Resection of Tumor and Optimal Reconstruction), a cemented, modular resection prosthesis system that enables
reconstruction following limb salvage surgery. RESTOR allows surgical reconstruction following tumors of :

  • Proximal, Distal & Total Femur
  • Proximal Tibia
  • Diaphyseal regions of the Femur/Humerus
  • Proximal, Distal and Total Humerus

The RESTOR™ system may also be a suitable option for revision of a conventional joint replacement prosthesis with extensive bone loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Modular components enables intra-operative flexibility in size selection depending on the actual resection.
  • Separate left & right sided femoral components with normal valgus angulation helps in recreating normal anatomy.
  • Patellar groove built into the femoral component enables normal patellar tracking which is important as the patella is usually reserved.
  • Hyperextension built in to the femoro-tibial articulating components
    allows passive locking during gait and prevents buckling on loading even in patients with extensive muscle resection.
  • Polyethylene bushings prevent metal on metal articulation reduces metallic debris, thereby decreasing one of the major factors  responsible for aseptic loosening.

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